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Experimente a Plataforma de Acessibilidade Digital da Perto agora! Clique aqui para testar!
 Mascote robô da Perto, sorrindo e segurando um calendário.

Aproveite 10 dias de teste na nossa plataforma.

Faça a sua conta e instale o Perto em poucos minutos. Não é necessário cartão de créditos.
  • What is Perto Plugin?
    Perto Plugin is a solution developed for your website, installed through a plugin, to enhance functionality and accessibility. With over 30 automatic features available, this plugin is an essential tool for those who want to improve their users' experience and comply with inclusion and accessibility guidelines.
  • What is Perto Accessible Text?
    Perto Accessible Text is a solution that enhances the quality of your texts and makes them accessible. Using Artificial Intelligence, Perto Texto Acessível corrects your texts, translates foreign terms, and makes the content accessible to all types of audiences.
  • What is Perto Text-to-Speech?
    Perto Text-to-Speech is a solution that converts all the text content of your brand into audio in an easy and practical way. Through a link or QR code, you can use the generated audio in any material, making your commercial materials or internal content accessible.
  • What is Perto Docs?
    Perto Docs is a crucial feature to make your PDF files accessible to people with various types of disabilities. With this solution, you can share documents in general and ensure that all users have access to the information, regardless of their limitations.
  • What disabilities and learning disorders do we assist with?
    With all the solutions provided by Perto, you can make your communication accessible for people with learning disorders, low vision, motor skill disorders, color blindness, epilepsy, ADHD, dyslexia, and much more.
  • What features does Perto Plugin have?
    Furthermore, along with all the features you mentioned, such as contrast, font size, line spacing, character spacing, saturation, content zoom, black/white cursor, image title, and keyboard navigation, we also offer additional options. These include audio description, which provides a humanized explanation of the website's functionality, and a prominent contacts section that allows users to quickly access important contact information without the need to search through the entire page.
  • Why is digital accessibility so important for my brand?
    Through digital accessibility, you ensure that people with different conditions or disabilities have the ability to navigate and benefit from all the features available on your website. The Brazilian Inclusion Law states that all web pages of Brazilian organizations need to be accessible. If your company values inclusion and provides resources to facilitate user access, it reaches more people, gains advantages in the market, and ultimately achieves higher engagement.
  • Will the implementation of Perto Plugin slow down the loading of my website?
    Rest assured that this will not be a problem. Our solution will be implemented on your website by our team of developers, and the loading time and performance of your page will not be affected, as our plugin appears after your entire page has loaded.
  • Does Perto solution only work for websites?
    No. In addition to the solution for your website, we have 3 other accessibility solutions for your company's documents, audio content and texts in general.
  • What are the solutions offered by Perto?
    Perto offers a set of innovative solutions to make your website and content more accessible and inclusive: Perto Plugin, Perto Text-to-Speech, Perto Text Accessibility, and Perto Docs. Learn more on the homepage of our website ☺️
  • How do I find my website's pageviews?
    To find the number of " pageviews ", you can use web analytics tools such as Google Analytics. Simply set up Google Analytics for your website and it will automatically start tracking the number of pageviews and provide this information in your dashboard.
  • Can I test the service before subscribing?
    For sure! This can help in your decision process, including choosing the best plan for your company. We have a modality with 10 days of testing with our platform. Make your account and install Perto in a few minutes. No credit card required.


Experimente a plataforma gratuitamente.

Faça a sua conta e instale o Perto em poucos minutos. Não é necessário cartão de crédito.
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