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Transform any digital content from your company into audio.

With Perto Text to Speech, you can turn any document, text, or presentation into an audio version, making all commercial material or internal content accessible.

Introducing Perto Text to Speech.

Simply input the desired text or upload a PDF file, and within moments, our artificial intelligence system will transform your content into speech with a natural-sounding voice.

QR Code

One of the options to download the audio content is through a QR Code, ideal for incorporating into printed materials, graphics, or even on your website, facilitating the dissemination of audio content.

Use a link.

Another way to use the audio generated by Perto Text to Speech is through a link, providing a convenient option to quickly share the audio with other users.

Audio Download

The generated audios can be downloaded for use in communication materials such as audiovisual productions, social media posts, and much more.

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