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Bring accessibility to your company's website

The Perto Plugin is a solution for your website with over 40 automatic features that will make it more accessible

Get to know Perto Docs.

Perto Docs is a solution that transforms any PDF file into an adapted document for individuals with visual, auditory, and motor disabilities, ensuring equal access to information for everyone.

With just a few clicks, our artificial intelligence will process and adapt your file, providing a link to the document optimized with our tool.

Content adaptation

With Perto Docs, your documents can be customized by users with limitations or disabilities, allowing them to change font size, adjust colors, contrasts, and much more.


Perto Docs is compatible with various browsers and devices, ensuring a consistent and high-quality experience for all users, without any impact on the loading of your PDF.

Compliance with guidelines

With Perto Docs in your PDFs, your brand will be in compliance with the accessibility guidelines set by WCAG and the ADA, contributing to a more inclusive digital environment.

There are over 40 features

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