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Automate the creation of your alternative texts.

Perto automatically generates alternative texts for your images, ensuring that all audiences have access to the content.

Introducing Perto Alternative Text.

Through Artificial Intelligence, Perto generates alternative texts for your images.

Alternative text is crucial to ensuring digital accessibility and providing an inclusive experience to all users. By offering clear and concise descriptions of the images in your content, you enable individuals with visual impairments to understand the context and message conveyed by the image.

Enhanced SEO

With Perto Docs, your documents can be customized by users with limitations or disabilities, allowing them to change font size, adjust colors, contrasts, and much more.

Compatibility with Assistive Technology

O texto alternativo permite que tecnologias assistivas, como leitores de tela e funções como reconhecimento de voz, forneçam informações precisas aos usuários.

Inclusion on Social Media

Ao compartilhar imagens nas redes sociais, um bom texto alternativo garante que a mensagem da imagem seja transmitida, mesmo para aqueles que não conseguem vê-la.

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